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Bad Frankie

Bad Frankie is a place that celebrates the maturity of Australia’s liquor industry whilst connecting to cultural roots through the evocative power of meaning.

The design concept for Bad Frankie draws upon a quintessential Australian memory to provide a stage on which to exhibit some of Australia’s best food and drink.

Through the use of texture and robust, locally sourced materials, fixtures and fittings, the space possesses a level of intimacy. It creates a comfortable place that evokes a sense of nostalgia, to enjoy delicious pieces of Australia.

Framed photos of local Australian distillers with their stills provide insight into the diversity of products and flavours that are created by these distilleries, as well as celebrating their accomplishments in the industry to date.

To ensure the concept of Bad Frankie is met with a space that represents this fair dinkum honesty, all finishes, fixtures and fittings are Australian inspired and locally sourced. Including the hand-made wallpaper designed by Northbourne from imagery collected from the owners and their families.

The ropes within the space not only provide delineation between spaces, they invoke a historic memory of Australian colonial settlements. The twisting, braiding and knotting of the ropes are a reflection of Australia’s interwoven cultural diversity.

What Northbourne Did:

  • Hospitality design
  • Interior design
  • Custom joinery design
  • Established brief & identified budget
  • Conducted existing furniture audit & developed an upcycle strategy to capitalise on value
  • Project management

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