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November 14, 2019

Here at Northbourne, we look for beauty in inspiring places. We have an appreciation for grand flourishes and even confronting or chaotic aesthetics in design and fine art, but these are always tempered by an equal appreciation for minimalism and responsiveness. In this way, we are drawn to bold but meaningful design.


On a recent interior design shopping expedition, I visited a number of Melbourne’s furniture showrooms with one of our fabulous clients. Now, I say fabulous, because this particular client is the closest I’ve ever come across that resembles la tooth of la chicken. Indeed, clients who are willing to completely trust our design direction as rare as hens teeth! However, this particular client was also very focused on practicality and comfort.

As many of you well know, not all designer furniture is comfortable. Let’s just say, ‘form’ definitely gives way to ‘function’ in many instances. It took many showroom visits and much sofa-sitting to find the perfect lounge for this client and their home, but as soon as they sat down on this beauty, they knew – The winner is……the 3 seater Maralunga in blue velvet, of course!

Not only does this lounge provide deep whisky drinking relaxation lounging, it also provides upright tea-sipping sitting. The versatility of this sofa provided by the foldable back rest is a true stroke of genius and has an articulated personality all of its own.

In the end, with only a little bit of guidance, our client selected one of our all-time favourite lounges, that satisfied both the design and practicality criteria. It’s a win win WIN in my eyes.




Maralunga Sofa from Cassina by Vico Magistretti
Maralunga Sofa from Cassina by Vico Magistretti, available at SPACE.