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November 12, 2019

Follow us on Instagram for your chance to win a ‘Project Planning Consultation’ worth over $1200!!

If you are looking to start a renovation or build a new home, give your project the best chance of success by seeking advice from an expert. Our Project Planning Consultation will arm you with the critical information and project planning advice you need to get you started on the right foot.

The Project Planning Consultation is a meeting at your home or project site where we will:

+ discuss and develop your project brief
+ explain how to plan your project budget
+ explain and outline any permits required
+ outline the site and design constraints and opportunities
+ discuss design ideas and possibilities
+ discuss the likely consultants required for the project
+ explain next steps to get your project started

Competition details will be launched on Instagram on the 6th of January so be sure to follow us @the_northbourne_effect for your chance to win!


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p.s. if you simply can not wait for the competition and want to get started now, call us at the office on 03 9999 7970 or email [email protected]